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We have been involved in the web and web development since 2000 giving us a vast amount of experience in promotion, development, design and advertising.

We can provide web consultancy, design, hosting, promotion and any other related solution for your online presence.

Note: One of our IT sites www.windowsreinstall.com is listed N.3 in its group in the world and since its creation has attracted around 50 million visitors and around 200 millions page views.

The service provided is very personal and works in five stages:

Stage 1: Consultancy with client about needs, wants, goals and targets, plus all pricing and purchase requirements agreed.

Stage 2: Purchase of domain, relevant software then design and creation of basic layout and content.

Stage 3: Interaction between client on finalized design, layout and content to the customers exact specification.

Stage 4: Finalize site then submission and promotion for client.

Stage 5: Further future updates and additions as required and agreed during stage 1.

So if you are looking a complete web solution then please contact us.





Windows Reinstall

Windows Reinstall

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