Marine Solutions

This site has been put in place to help students, surveyors, geologists and archaeologists find information, equipment and/or train staff to help aid them find the necessary resources' to progress their trade, projects, education, and training in the world of their chosen trade.

This site is a collection of company's, education facilities and partners involved in innovative and professional geophysical, oceanographic, archaeological and environmental work.

The people involved have work in a number of offshore, onshore and near shore environments worldwide. The experienced staff have been providing expert advice and services to a large variety of clients in various marine and terrestrial sectors including oil and gas, renewable energy, submarine communications, government and public as well as research and academia, for over 15 years.

Everyone involved pride themselves on the provision of an extensive range of interrelated maritime services which have a strong focus on efficiencies created through inter-operability capabilities. They employ internationally recognized and approved methods matched with modern equipment to achieve optimum data quality while maximizing efficiency.

The experience and diversification of the teams, vessels and equipment allow them to offer a variety of survey and mapping services unmatched by other service providers.

This site will also have news posted from various useful sources, so that you can stay up to date (This feature is viewable on the right hand side of the page) and soon will have a forum for up and coming plus experienced Geologists to discuss and post information that they think others may find useful.